Who is Daje?

So who is this “Daje” character?  Really, do you know?  I haven’t a clue.  I know he finds himself as the one that can educate everyone regarding politics and what policies are good and those that are bad.  His goal is to have 100% registered voters vote at the next election.  He wants to give the people their voice.  He is known to be a lover of nature and can talk to everything living.  He once told me that my living room coffee table – made of wood – was very sad.  I asked him why and Daje told me, because I never talk to it.  I now talk to my table and I think it is happy. 

He doesn’t take life too seriously and has dedicated his Saturday nights to performing at a local comedy club.  He laughs a lot at his jokes. He stays up all night on the slots at Casumo. He tells me the audience doesn’t laugh because they are letting the joke “sink” in as his jokes are thought provoking.  Daje fears nothing.  He jumps from airplanes without a parachute and survives albeit the plane is still on the ground. Daje holds a PhD in Ichthyology, he believes everyone should be well versed when discussing fish.