What can the Dems do?

While you are keeping up to date on politics and becoming more involved, the liberals currently in office, specifically the, uh, gosh I don’t want to be politically incorrect,  youth Impaired liberals must make a complete 180.  This will be difficult as their beliefs are as old, I mean, youth impaired, as let’s say the beginning of time.  The liberals must find a way to get them onboard with what this country needs today!

The Obama Administration spent eight years, with the direction of Hillary on improving the economy by offering minority’s tax breaks, Fannie Mae loans – which protected a homeowner from losing their homes – and education. (Don’t get me started on the education).  The problem with all the policies, they completely ignored the white middle class.

President Trump has already announced his plans on eliminating the US from the International Climate Control Agreement. The Democrats can fight his proposal by providing Trump with the scientific evidence that humans are the main contributors to the changes in our weather, destruction of extremely important rain forests, species, etc. If they are able to sway Trump from withdrawing the US commitment to reduce emissions, use solar plates for power, just save our country’s ecosystem and not wiping out humanity within the next 10,000 years, it would be a major win for the Democrats, and their future kin.  I myself know I will be alive because I know the secret to everlasting life and I am going to need food.