The Hill n’ O

Honestly people, seriously, honestly, Hillary Clinton lies so much she makes Pinocchio look like a saint.  One of my all-time favorites is the private e-mail server.  Hillary insists that she never used it as a form of communication regarding her job.  I could barely type that without fear of my fingers falling off.  The FBI reported that thousands of documents were deleted from the server – something about that sounds familiar…Shredding!  Yes, a former president did something like shredding thousands of documents but he was not a “Crook”.   Hillary was exceptionally talented at denying.  Deny.  Deny.  Deny.  Oh, the FBI did find documents?  No, say Hillary, that didn’t happen.  Deny.  You go girl!  Now anyone who turns on the radio or watches the news knew about the private e-mail server.  The public was made aware that Hilary used that server and wrote highly sensitive government emails, how does the FBI knows all this?  They found them.  They have the information in their hands.  Hillary, you have been busted.  But instead of standing up and saying, “I made an egregious mistake and I am very sorry for not being up front from the beginning.  I am sorry America”.  Instead, deny.  Why would we support a liar?

Mrs. Clinton isn’t the only one who has been caught in a lie or two.  How about our President?  That’s right!  Come on down Mr. Obama!!  It is not fair to leave you out of the lime light – you actually have a lot of lime light surrounding you, like an aura.  How about that little Benghazi argument?  Remember, it was an election year and you were running for re-election?  A quick reminder for those who couldn’t handle the lies anymore and your mind is blank the Consult of Benghazi was attacked by terrorists and four American’s lost their life.  But Obama REALLY wanted to be President again and of course since he is already president he can make up his own story about what happened so us fragile little citizens wouldn’t get upset that it was really a terrorist attack.  Since Obama knew what a super awesome liar that Hillary was he employed her to create an alternative story.  There was this video, the Muslims didn’t like it so they were protesting and the American’s were accidently in the way.  But wait, someone investigated the tragedy and guess what – the gig was up.  Now you are going to have Benghazi as part of your legacy.

Our Socialist President (what, Obama is a Democrat? My bad), our Democratic President Obama, decided all Americans should have health insurance.  Gosh darn it and Obama is going to do something about it!  Mr. Obama and some other Socialists, I mean Democrats, (why do I keep doing that?) created Obama Care.  That is how proud Obama was with his super idea he named the policy after himself.  I tried breaking down the policy but it is a billion pages long and uses big words.  What I do understand is the Affordable Care Act, ACA which states: All Americans must be covered under health insurance.  It requires companies with over 50 employees to offer health insurance to full-time employees.  Full time employees are defined by the government as working 30 plus hours per week.  Uh, Houston we have a problem.  The problem is a majority of companies in the US consider 40 hour work week as full time.  The penalty for a company that does not offer insurance will be required to pay an annual tax penalty of 2k per full time employee.  Awesome idea!  With companies already struggling with the rise in health care costs, now they have to provide coverage for more employees.  Obama, you really have your finger on the pulse of our nation!

This is fun let’s continue down memory lane, shall we?  Do you remember the housing crisis and recession of 2009?  President Obama came to our rescue again.  He met with the house and a bunch of financial advisors to create a stimulus!  Oh, wait a minute, he didn’t want to call it a stimulus Obama named the law American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – at a tune of $830 Billion.  Now that sounds much better.  It sounds smart and I am on board!  President Obama informed our country that the ARRA would provide more tax breaks and incentives to the people, create new jobs and invest in infrastructures.  Sounds super!  I wanted to see how the money was divided to get our country back on track.  First, 10% was set aside for creating infrastructure. Huh?  Billions went into the Government?  Billions went into the education sector, seriously, I do not understand how this is supposed to help America recover.  I did find a couple of important projects that were funded.  $783.00 to study why young people drink malt liquor and smoke marijuana and $92,000 was given to the Army Corps of engineers for costumes and their mascots, and $219,000 given for a study of college hook-ups.

Hillary Clinton is not the loveable, motherly type.  She comes off cold and she looks at people like they are the most stupid person she has ever seen.  It is just how she is built.  Definitely rough around the edges, let’s be real, she cursed just as much as Trump just not in public. In public she talks about how much she cares and all Americans should be treated equally.  Hillary says she wishes there wasn’t so much hatred between, African American’s and White people (which she created).  Hillary spoke of peace in our nation – accept people for who they are, inside and out.  Oh, Hillary.  LIAR!  LOL!!  How can anyone fall for that nonsense?  A couple of weeks ago before the election, Hillary attended an “Elite” dinner party.  She was talking to some “Elite” individuals when she told them that the Trump supporters (American’s) belonged in a “Basket of Deplorables’”.  The “Elite” looked at her with confusion so Hillary explained who the “Deplorables’”were: Racist, homophobic, Xenophobic (I have no idea why anyone wouldn’t like Xena) and Islamophobic.  Oh Hillary, what a loving thing to say about the people you are asking to vote for you.