Run Dems Run!

What can the democrats do now that they have lost to Trump?  Run and hide for the next four years.  Or get involved.  Learn about your State Representative’s, what are they doing to improve the economic security of your State?  Follow potential bill or new policies and if you don’t agree, then get involved!  Write to your State Representative or Governor with signatures that you gather from people who do not approve of the bill as well.  But you don’t stop there, just like how Trump won the election, keep sending letters, request a meeting with your representative, hound them like Trump hounds women. (Did I just say that?).  Educate, yes you, educate the democrats that they didn’t unify the country, per their promise, they actually through policies divided our country.  The democrats kind of made racism worse in the country by focusing on programs for African Americans.  Hey, I am all for ending racism and ornithophobia (no one should fear birds, they are majestic creatures).  But when the Democrats develop multiple policies aimed at helping African Americans, they are dividing our country.  Unfortunately the Democratic Party doesn’t understand the true daily challenges that African Americas face.  I believe Democrats have the best intentions, they seem to not like to research so they throw some duct tape on a policy and hope it sticks.  I use duct tape to fix everything, for example, I broke my leg and I just wrapped duct tape around it and I was fine.  But apparently it doesn’t work with policies.