Online casinos in the United States

Is this a political matter or what? As we speak online gambling is only legal in ten states, which is exactly one fifth. The states in which gambling is legal can use this as an example of giving the people what they want, but the opposite is also true. In states where online casinos are not legal, politicians can use this as an argument by saying they want to protect the people. But what’s actually right and what’s wrong? Let’s look at a few arguments against and pro online casinos.

Against: growing number of casino addictions

This is actually not a valid argument because you can find land based casinos anywhere in the country. Even if they are not available in your area, you can easily fly to Vegas for a weekend or just take a road trip to the next state that offers casinos. So someone who wants to gamble no matter what, will always find a way. Making casinos illegal will not affect that in any way. It will keep the younger audience away from casinos at most, but the way the travel options are growing this argument will not hold up for much longer.

Pro: online casinos protect players much better

Every land based casino has a program to detect problem gambling and keep an eye on players that come to the casino too often. However, these programs are somewhat limited. The only thing that’s automated at land based casinos is the entrance, so the casino can keep track of that. But there’s no way to keep track of how much and where a player is betting on. This is different in an online casino, that can track literally every move the player makes. It can even see where the money comes from.

Against: online casinos are easier to launder money at

This is another argument that has no real validity. It’s true that online casinos sometimes accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t take any measures against money laundering. In fact, a licensed casino is obligated to have a fraud and payment department. Besides having that department, online casinos also have software to detect money laundering and have rules in place to prevent it. One of these rules is that you need to wager deposited money at least once before being able to withdraw it. Land based casinos, on the other hand, have no control over where the players’ money came from and where it’ll go next.

Pro: online casinos have a higher entertainment value

Taking away the Vegas and Atlantic City casinos with their showgirls, online casinos like offer a higher entertainment value. Not only because they offer many more games than any land based casino, but also because they offer more variety in games. The biggest argument, however is that is offers the shy players a chance to speak to women. In a land based casino, they might not dare to, but in a live casino there are no boundaries and they can just be themselves. And we haven’t even discussed the prizes yet, which in online casinos are much higher as well.

So our conclusion is simple; online casinos should be legalized in all states. And we know that most Americans agree with us.