Another Democratic hypocrisy

As you know by now, Daje is a pretty outspoken Republican. One of the reasons for this is that Republicans might not always say what the people want to hear, but they are always honest. When they say something, they do it. Just look at President Trump and his wall. Nobody thought he’d actually go through with it and yet he did. Whereas Democrats are quite the opposite. For example, they have held back online gokken, or online gambling legislations, even though the last few presidents Clinton and Obama love to gamble online themselves.

Innocent fun

That gokken, and more specifically online gokken, isn’t much more than an innocent hobby can be proven by the fact that many U.S. Presidents have enjoyed this form of entertainment. The Democrats, we won’t mention any names *ahum*, just don’t admit it. Like they haven’t admitted many other things that turned out to be true in the end *ahum* cigars.  The Republicans, on the other hand, have no problem admitting that gambling is fun. With everything that has been going on in the world lately, there just hasn’t been an opportunity yet to start legalising online gokken nationwide. But if the Republicans continue to lead, this’ll only be a matter of time.

Big in Europe

Online gokken is very big in Europe, where most countries have either legalised it or are in the process of doing so. And we all know, that what’s popular in Europe is usually good. After all, they like to imitate us. All joking aside, they are actually pretty advanced when it comes to online casinos. They have a lot of providers that are constantly innovating their games and you can see that as soon as you enter one of the many online casinos the continent has to offer.

Online gaming capital

Funny thing about it though is that the European online gokken capital is a tiny island called Malta. This is actually a country that’s part of the European union but has a population of only 500k people, including the many expats that moved there to work in iGaming. The country is so small, it’s not very famous for anything except for the very flexible online gaming laws that allow online casinos to pay a tax as low as 5% on their income. No wonder every online casino wants to move there. And it has done wonders for the financial status of the island just underneath Italy.

Crap! No Craps

However, Europeans continue to be quite peculiar. For one, their land based casinos don’t offer any craps games. At least, they rarely do. Even though that is one of our favourite casino games in the U.S. Luckily, online casinos have thought farther ahead so if you want to play this great casino game while in Europe, you might want to opt for online gokken. Other than that, the game offer is pretty similar to what our casinos have to offer. So you will probably enjoy yourself in one of their casinos as well.

What’s taking us so long?

Some states have already legalized online gokken, but some haven’t. We are starting to wonder why it is taking so long. Right now, during the pandemic times not much can be done. We understand that much. But there have been so many chances to put online gambling on the agenda before that. We think it’s a part of the hypocrisy. It’s easier to root against gambling than for it. After all, everybody sympathises with you when you pretend to care for the problematic gamblers. But if you want to make gambling safer for all, you’ll soon turn into the bad guy.